Democratic disgrace - BBC and ITV exclude Joe Swinson from TV leader debates

Statement by North Norfolk Liberal Democrat PPC Karen Ward regarding Jo Swinson’s exclusion from TV debates

Debate her bannerThe BBC and ITV have decided to limit their national TV debates to Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. This is a democratic disgrace. They are promoting two candidates for Prime Minister who represent two versions of Brexit. The millions of Remain voters do not have a voice on those debate stages.

Johnson and Corbyn must debate Jo Swinson, the leader of the biggest party fighting to stop Brexit. The Liberal Democrats have had a greater impact on Brexit in the last three years than Jeremy Corbyn, and we are the party that can win dozens of seats off the Conservatives in this General Election.

Jo Swinson and the Liberal Democrats will continue to shape the future of this country. Voters deserve to see her vision for the future of the UK in the EU in contrast to the two Leave options of Johnson or Boris. This isn’t a two-party race and Brexit isn’t an issue that can be brushed under the carpet.

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