Norfolk Liberal Democrats call for better transport options for Norfolk

Norfolk Liberal Democrats call for improved Transport Transformation Bid after poor funding response from government.

Brian Watkins Group spokesperson said,  “There was widespread disappointment that the Council’s original submission received considerably less funding than expected. Our hope is that a higher figure can be achieved through an amended submission but even a new higher figure will be considerably less than originally hoped.” 

“The bid that was submitted was not as coherent as it could have been, and in some respects merely became a ‘wish list of good ideas’. That problem remains: clear priority must be given to those schemes that are essential at getting people to switch behaviour to  more environmentally friendly, healthy options.”

“We must not forget that our rural communities are crying out for a better deal. There needs to be connections to rural Norfolk so that everyone can travel across Norfolk, apart from by car, in a way that just isn’t possible now.”

“The longer this ‘social deficiency’ fails to be addressed, the more isolated those communities become and the greater the devastating effects will be on people’s livelihoods and wellbeing.”  

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