Call for Human Decency

Liberal Democrats call on Tories to show some human decency

Norfolk Liberal Democrats are proposing that this year’s £1 million cut to those people who need the minimum income guarantee (MIG) be stopped.

MIG enables those adults who require care and support to have enough income to cover their day-to-day basic living costs. The Tories want to reduce this figure to the absolute minimum required by law – a figure the Conservative-led government has not increased since 2014/15.

Liberal Democrat County Councillor Brian Watkins says: “the Tories are paying lip service to the most vulnerable in our society. They did not listen to the public’s comments to stop this cut. The Tories cut will have a lasting effect on the health and wellbeing of so many people who need our help.

“If you judge a Council by its actions then Norfolk County Council have failed the compassion test. This is a punitive and uncaring decision by the Tories and we ask them to stop this cut before Norfolk starts to be called a nasty council.

“There are better ways to make financial savings without inflicting pay and suffering onto those who can least afford it.

“Liberal Democrats judge a council by how the services it provides affects the opportunities and freedoms for the least advantaged in our communities.

We need to be doing more for these people not less.”


This proposal is part of a set of costed amendments from the Liberal Democrat Group to Norfolk County Council’s budget that will be considered at the County Council meeting on Monday 11 February 2019. The funding would come from the increase in Councillors Allowances (£150K) that the Tories forced through; the Council’s Business Rates Pilot (£500k) and rephasing the Adult Social Care Business Risk Reserve (£350K) which is set up to cover any shortfall in savings.  

These amendments will increase spending on vital services whilst staying within the council’s financial constraints and show a different set of priorities to those shown by the Conservative administration.


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