Local MP welcomes decision by Sainsbury’s to reinstate cash-back service

Local MP, Norman Lamb, has intervened to ensure that the cash-back service at the local Sainsburys store in North Walsham is to return.

The cash-back service in the North Walsham Sainsburys store will be reinstated. This move follows a letter from local MP, Norman Lamb to the Chief Executive of the company.

Concerns were raised by local residents who depended on the service in order to be able to shop and pay for services in the North Walsham area. Recent closures of branches of Barclays, Natwest and HSBC has meant that the Sainsburys cash-back service was an important way for many to get hold of cash in an area where many small businesses are still predominately paid in cash only.

Norman Lamb MP said:

“I was really pleased to learn that Sainsburys took on board the concerns I raised in my letter to them. Having the cash-back service once again available in the North Walsham store will be a great relief to many local people who relied on it. This will also be welcome news to many local businesses who feared a loss in business if people were unable to get hold of cash.  Sainsburys’ swift response on this should be praised. I am hopeful that the North Walsham local economy will continue to thrive.”

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