Stop the Closure of Norfolk Children Centres

Conservative proposals to cut £5million from Children Services by seeking to close 46 of 53 Children Centres across Norfolk is wrong. It puts Children's futures at risk.

We believe that an adequately funded service that puts children first should be based on a comprehensive network of children's centres and open to all families who need it.

Having only one centre in each geographical area will mean people will have reduced access and be unable to receive the same level of service if they have to rely on public transport - how is one centre in Holt meant to serve all of a large rural area such as North Norfolk?

These proposals are irresponsible as these seek to add costs onto future provision and onto the NHS. It is just an attempt to get the costs out of the County Council's books. National evidence has shown that where Councils around the country are cutting back on spending on programmes for those most in need this is leading to MORE spending on emergency support.

Children centres provide a universal level of services that all parents and children can access. A 50% cut means that some services and some children will miss out especially if the council tries to target the service towards a limited number of families.

We call on the County Council to stop their proposals to close 46 of 53 Children Services across Norfolk and to rethink what the centres can provide so that their services can deliver better outcomes for all the Children of Norfolk.

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