Lib Dems slam “out of touch” Government for budget announcements

Responding to today’s “mini-budget”, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for North Norfolk, Steffan Aquarone, said:

“Today’s announcement shows just how out of touch this Conservative government is. People in North Norfolk are telling me that they want urgent action on the cost of living crisis, support for our crumbling health service (which is leaving them without doctors or dentists), and help for those who are suffering the greatest hardship. What they didn’t want to see from the Chancellor was even bigger bonuses for his banker mates, and lower taxes for millionaires.

“I know that voters in our area will be thoroughly disappointed today, and watching the actions of our Conservative MP closely. They won't forget whether he chooses to put the interests of his party and millionaire chums over what's best for hard-working North Norfolk families. 

"North Norfolk deserves far better than this failing Government. It deserves far better than an MP who repeatedly puts his party ahead of local communities. It deserves a new kind of politics: one that listens, and places residents' interests firmly ahead of personal gain.”

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