Lib Dems welcome County Council adopting “Travel Hubs” policy

North Norfolk’s Liberal Democrats have welcomed the adoption of their proposed “Travel Hubs” policy by the Conservative-led Norfolk County Council, following a meeting of the Infrastructure and Development Committee today (26th September).

Following the outline approval of £50m of Government funding being allocated to Norfolk, the committee met today at County Hall to consider the County’s Bus Improvement Plan, which includes plans for a network of “Travel Hubs” across Norfolk, a policy proposed in last year’s election by the Liberal Democrats.

The proposed hub and spoke approach works by putting park and ride-style car parks in out of town locations across the county.  Then, rather than people driving all the way to the outskirts of the city, they’d only need to drive the first few miles to the nearest hub.  They’d also be able to get clean, comfortable, modern buses to other hubs too – not just Norwich. They are the ideal way of connecting up public transport, and encouraging people to use it.

As part of Liberal Democrat-led North Norfolk District Council’s enormously successful Heritage Action Zone bid, a brand new, green-roofed, public transport hub was built in the heart of North Walsham. 

Parliamentary Candidate for North Norfolk, Steffan Aquarone, is the Liberal Democrat member of the committee on the Conservative-led County Council.

Speaking after the meeting, he said: 

“It’s nice to see the County Council doing something that was at the heart of the Liberal Democrat County Manifesto.  But at the moment it’s a plan for hubs without a network.  We need more than stability in the current routes: we need new routes between hubs so people can get around North Norfolk, not just in and out of Norwich which even now is a stretch.

“We need to think about how to bring footfall to the rural hubs, especially from outlying villages.  We also need improved ticketing, increased comfort and of course reduced emissions as public transport is at the heart of our ability to tackle the climate emergency in rural Norfolk.”

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