Steffan Aquarone calls on local MP, Duncan Baker, to vote down “shambolic” budget

Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for North Norfolk, Steffan Aquarone, has called on Duncan Baker to oppose the Conservatives' “shambolic” budget.

The call comes as the pound plummets to a record low against the dollar, which risks leading to an even steeper rise in food and petrol prices and spiking mortgage interest rates. 

The Liberal Democrats are demanding parliament be recalled this week, so that urgent action can be taken to address the unfolding disaster. They’re also calling for a tougher windfall tax on oil and gas giants to help people and businesses with their bills, and new investment in local health services. 

Steffan Aquarone said:

“The Chancellor’s out of touch and shambolic budget has been exposed as a reckless gamble. The Conservatives are giving huge unfunded tax cuts to their wealthy banker mates, while neglecting local health services and hammering hard-working people with years of tax hikes. 

“The people in North Norfolk I’ve spoken to are really concerned about being landed with even higher bills, higher taxes and higher mortgage payments thanks to this government’s incompetence.

“Duncan Baker must put party politics to one side and listen to the concerns from our community. He needs to vote down this shambolic budget and say, loudly and clearly, that prioritising wealthy bankers and American tourists at the expense of local people is just plain wrong.”

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