Supporting Norfolk's Children

Liberal Democrats call for £1 million investment in supporting Norfolk’s children

Liberal Democrats are calling for an extra £1 million to be spent on supporting Norfolk’s children.

As part of their budget proposals for Norfolk County Council, Liberal Democrat councillors want to increase funding for front-line support for families through the new ‘Early Childhood and Family Service’. This would reverse a cut that was pushed through by Conservative councillors in January.

Norfolk Liberal Democrats fought against cuts to Children’s Centre Services and they say the council is storing up trouble for the future if it doesn’t get early support for families right.Children's Services Protest

“Norfolk’s children deserve the best possible start in life. We have a duty to invest in supporting families. The huge cut in funding to support new families was dressed up as a ‘re-design’ of the service. But the end result is that nearly three quarters of the county’s Children’s Centres will close and a million pounds will be lost from front-line funding,” says Liberal Democrat councillor, Ed Maxfield.

“We know that Norfolk sits at the bottom of league tables for social mobility – the chances our children have to make progress through their lives. Early support for families is the key to changing that picture. Failure to make the investment risks blocking off life chances for thousands of children as they grow into adulthood. They won’t have a fair crack of the whip and the council itself will end up having to pay more, supporting them down the line. We cannot afford to get it wrong.

This proposal is part of a set of costed amendments from the Liberal Democrat Group to Norfolk County Council’s budget that will be considered at the County Council meeting on Monday 11 February 2019.

These amendments will increase spending on vital services whilst staying within the council’s financial constraints and show a different set of priorities to those shown by the Conservative administration.

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