Our Values

North Norfolk & Great Yarmouth Liberal Democrats exist to change politics so that it is free, fair and open.

We believe everyone deserves a good quality of life, and that public services should help to achieve this. We believe politics should work with and not just for communities, through engagement and discussion. We want communities to be empowered to take positive action so that where they live can develop for the better.

Therefore, our elected representatives listen to and understand their local communities’ needs.

Here's how we're making it happen

  • We're working on growing our movement in a way that remains true to our mission
  • We're developing our plans through engagement and discussion, with more community involvement
  • We're embracing vibrant communities, and welcoming people from all walks of life, whether they've been involved in politics before or not
  • We're diversifying politics
  • And, very importantly: we're getting people elected into positions where they can influence the policies that affect all our lives

We believe that we can remake the world as we would like it to be.

That's why we're optimistic - bordering on excited - about what's happening in local politics in North Norfolk right now.