Liberal Democrats Victory on the Mobile Library Service

Norfolk Liberal Democrats are delighted that the Tory administration at the County Council has caved in to the public pressure to modify its savage cut to the mobile library service.

The Tory’s proposals have been radically changed to only remove 92 stops which are not currently being used rather than a proposal to cut 725 mobile library stops. This is a huge victory for those people who rely on these crucial services.

The Liberal Democrats presented a petition signed by 494 people as well as 76 individual letters from members of the public asking to abandon the cut.

It is important though now that the service is actively promoted by the County Council with a regular date and time for stops so there is some clarity and people are encouraged to use the service. New users are often amazed about the service when they find out about it.

This decision must be used to make the service better not worse. It should not result in less people using the service and as a result seeing the service wither so that it becomes an easy target for future cuts.

Liberal Democrat County Councillor Sarah Butikofer says:

‘‘We would like to say thank you to everyone who supported our campaign by writing letters, signing our petition or putting photos on twitter. It has made a big difference."

We are delighted that the Tories have followed our lead and have had to come up with a more reasonable solution which will save a lot of people from heartbreak. However, the result of this decision should be to better promote and advertise the service. Our measure of success is for more people to now use the service than the current 7500. We want to reduce social isolation and loneliness throughout Norfolk”.

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