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As liberal democrats we are driven by our values, which shine through in everything we do - whether that’s what we fight for, or the way we campaign, or the way we treat each other.

But since I got elected to the County Council in May last year, it’s really struck me how big the gap in conversation is between politics and people.  Something needs to be done to bridge the divide that’s opened up in our country, and it starts by opening up the conversation and bringing politics back to people.

That’s why we’re running a tour of village halls across Norfolk.

Come and talk about your vision for society, what you think political parties should do differently, and what difference this could make to your family, your community and the wider world!

We’ll be running this as a series of events across North Norfolk.

New Events for 2019

All 'Cheese and Wine' events except where shown otherwise.

Overstrand Village Hall 6pm - 9pm on 31st May

***VENUE UPDATE***The Parish Hall is on The Londs. It’s on a narrow back road that runs down from the High Street (alongside the Conservative Club!)

It’s a very narrow road, so you’ll need to park and walk down. We’ve put the “Fresh Start for North Norfolk” flags at the top of the road and outside the hall.

There is a reliable map here: https://venues4hire.org/venue/details/4550/the-parish-hall

Mundesley Village Hall - 6pm - 9pm on 4th July

North Walsham Community Centre - 6pm - 9pm on 19th July

Will you join me?  Click any of the dates above to RSVP.  We'll be voting each time on the next issue for discussion - so people are encouraged to come to as many as they like and follow the story as it develops.

We might agree, we might disagree, but if we’re going to bridge the divide that’s opened up in our country, then we need to have the conversation.

And if you have any spare money you’d like to donate to support this, and our campaign to win control of North Norfolk District council next year, please follow the donate link.  Thank you.


County Councillor Steffan Aquarone


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